[Coquelicot] [ANNOUNCE] Coquelicot 0.9.4

Lunar lunar at anargeek.net
Sat Sep 12 14:42:24 CEST 2015


Coquelicot 0.9.4 is out!

What's new?

Well… a least, a new release after more than two years! The biggest
change is that integration tests have been rewritten using Cucumber.
This should make discussing new features easier. The default expiration
time is now one day, and the cache directory is now configurable.

In details:

 * Make the directory for cache files configurable. This adds a new
   `cache_path` setting. Thanks to Rowan Thorpe for the original patch.
 * Make the default selection for the expiration time match the default
 * Switch the default expiration time to one day. This should be less
   surprising to users uploading huge files. Thanks drkvg for prodding
   me long enough to do this.
 * Stop IMAP and LDAP authenticators to error out when authentication
   fails. They now properly just deny the authentication requests as
   they should have.
 * Make sure that we read and write binary files as such. This should
   improve compatibilities with certain Ruby installations.
 * Do proper integration testing using Cucumber.
 * Update and clean up dependencies.
 * Other minor improvements:
   - Upgrade to RSpec 3 and fix the remaining deprecation warnings.
   - Specify the license in the gemspec.
   - Explicitly require on tilt/haml and tilt/sass to avoid race

Upgrade procedure

If you have installed Coquelicot from a source tarball, unpacking
the new tarball on top of the previous one should do the trick.

If you have installed Coquelicot using a clone of the Git repository,
the update should be as simple as:

    git fetch origin
    git tag -v coquelicot-0.9.4
    git merge --ff-only coquelicot-0.9.4

In both cases, you will then need to update the dependencies:

    bundle install


The source tarball can be downloaded at:

OpenPGP signature:

SHA1 checksum: 74818c673c067dad322894b1bc3c0a1c0b2fe4a4
SHA256 checksum: 7200ab2fa4180dd5484cbfde4ad9d44cb2949ec89cd95918f8bdce636c39cd99

Please note that the key used to sign the release has changed. The new
one is signed by the previous one and by a good amount of people. It is
also included in the Debian keyring.

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