[Coquelicot] Patchset: add multiuser/pass auth module, add missing i18n tags, add Greek .po

Rowan Thorpe rowan at rowanthorpe.com
Tue Jun 28 21:05:36 CEST 2016

On 28 June 2016 at 21:49, Rowan Thorpe <rowan at rowanthorpe.com> wrote:
> This series of three patches can apply to current master with:
> git am \
>    0001-Add-userpass-authentication.patch \
>    0002-Add-missing-i18n-tags.patch \
>    0003-Add-Greek-translations.patch

Attached is a newer version of the 0001 "userpass" patch only. The
difference is two added lines for more logical handling when there is
a "passwordless" user entry in the config, as in --> myusername: ""

I should have included this version of the 0001 patch in the previous
email so please replace it with this one.

Rowan Thorpe
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