[Coquelicot] configuration problem: it works via http, but not https

Gijs Hillenius gijs at hillenius.net
Tue Apr 3 11:07:20 CEST 2018


On a Debian stable server, I installed Coquelicot and followed

For some reason, this install will let me use Coquelicot via http, but
not https. I don't mind too much for the upload part (perhaps I should),
but I would like the download url to work via https

When trying to access the upload service via https, Firefox will warn:
ssl3_get_record:wrong version number, and Chromium says:

I see nothing in the server logs that helps me.

Anybody have any ideas?

this is what I added to the
/usr/share/doc/coquelicot/examples/coquelicot.apache2 sample
configuration copied into sites-enabled/coquelicot

(port and link are not the real values)

<Location /link>
      SetEnv proxy-sendchunks 1
      RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-SSL "on"



By the way: on Debian the package is marked for autoremoval on 5 May due
to ruby-minitest-shared-description: #893823

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